Value For Money?: Black Ops ‘First Strike’ DLC + Screenshots

Posted on December 23, 2010


Despite having lent my only copy of Black Ops to a friend recently (and reluctantly!) I’m nonetheless looking forward to a fresh batch of maps from Treyarch via DLC. However, with a price tag of  $US15 or customarily ‘1200 Microsoft Points’, I’m left to consider whether we’re getting any value for our expenses these days with DLC and map packs rising in price. But before I skip to conclusions, let’s take a look at what’s included in this first  Black Ops map pack clichéd as “First Strike”.

First Strike will consist of 4 new maps. Two of the four new multiplayer maps are regurgitated from the campaign – ‘Kowloon’ (the rainy rooftops of Hong Kong) and ‘Discovery’ (a German research center in the artic) – whilst the other two are not as generic, ‘Berlin Wall’, which is exactly that and ‘Stadium’, an entire sports complex including a hokey rink which could sway to some interesting wager matches, TDMs and of course, campers. And as expected, more zombie goodness with the inclusion of an entirely new zombie map named ‘Ascension’ in which, other than the map name, no other details have been revealed.

Lets think about it, 5 maps for $US15? C’mon really now? There’s a realm of possibilities that they could’ve add to the map pack to sweeten the deal that are simultaneously not out of Treyarch’s reach considering they’re most likely going to release further DLC in the furutre. I’m talking, further weapon additions, perks, attachments, camo, a new mini-campaign…heck even a new multiplayer mode would be nice, I mean we are already paying 1200 Microsoft Points. I may be asking for too much but considering that Black Ops sold $US650 million within the first  five days and hit the $US1 BILLION milestone recently, I don’t think we’re asking too much as gamers. Oh don’t forget, most of the time PC gamers are receiving such DLC free of charge, for instance Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam which was ushered for free recently via Steam as long as you owned a copy of the original game.

Either way though, being the naive COD fan that I am, I’ll be throwing my $US15 to Treyarch regardless, but be wary as this may be Treyarch’s First Strike ,of many, towards sweeping your wallet clean.


Berlin Wall




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