Gaming, isn’t gaming anymore.

Posted on January 14, 2011


First off, happy new year! Hope you enjoyed bringing in the New Year and celebrated it with a bang. Now to my dilemma article.

Gaming is seen as a perfect source of entertainment as it provides hours upon hours of fun for minimal bucks (or benjamins as you Americans call it), it really is value for money when you compare it to say, a theme park where you would spend possibly hundreds for a single days entertainment. Gaming – most of the time – keeps you engrossed for weeks even months . But lately, my interest in gaming is slowly fading away like a candlelight being caressed by the wind, I mean, I look forward to sitting down on the lounge and booting up a game and kicking back…but within 15 minutes I just lose interest.

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the arrival of Super Street Fighter IV for weeks (imported version). When it arrived in the mail, I tore it open as a eager first-timer to the series and threw the disc into the 360’s DVD drive like a scene out of TRON: Legacy. I navigate the menu for 5 minutes expecting to find a tutorial system but was disappointed, there were none. A further 15 minutes in, and I had shelfed the game on the bookcase. What a waste of money. Not only were the controls severely difficult to get used to – and the lack of a tutorial system didn’t make that any easier – but I had no interest in the game as a whole. If I had the game in my 10 year-old hands I would keep at it despite the difficulty and the fact that it didn’t appeal to me, I’d still enjoy it.

My fading interest doesn’t just apply to games that I’m not used to. Take the critically acclaimed Halo for example, major fan of Halo: Combat Evolved back in the days having played the campaign one too many times. Fast forward to 2011 and I’ve struggled to even bother to get through the campaign of Halo:Reach! It wasn’t the difficulty, it was the lack of interest. I’d play 15 minutes, turn it off, come back in a couple days, play 15 minutes, turn it off – rinse and repeat. Bringing Reach online was a little more entertaining but even then I lost interest within a week. To be honest, I’d rather surf Facebook whilst chatting on MSN and iTunes running in the background.

Maybe I’m just moving onto bigger things, I keep telling myself that there are better things out there that you could be doing rather than gaming. But it sucks, because I KNOW that a part of me enjoys it, the old me and I don’t want to lose that part of me, a part of childhood.

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