Stranger danger?…

If you haven’t read the essential snippet to your right already (was about to state left – I’m terrible with directions), I’m an Aussie-born Asian and a young’n that is constantly challenging the status quo and opposing the stereotypes bound to me. ‘Avant Garde’ I guess you could say. I’m also an aspiring journalist. My personal belief within journalism is to not only entertain and inform the audience whilst striking a balance between the two without providing false information, but to essentially make a difference through literature – to make a positive impact. I’m no where near that goal, but I’m undertaking a journalism course at uni soon.

What’s with the blog name?…

“Beneath The Masquerade”. There’s a strong connection between the title and myself (and most likely with many others).  Like many, I’ve put on a facade to correlate with what society deems ‘cool’ and acceptable.  A masquerade resonates anonymity and possibly deception. However, underneath this masquerade is who we truly are with no strings attached, for me this is a nerd at heart but conflictingly is rather extroverted at times and an ardent martial artist.

Why should I stay connected with your blog?…

You know, in life, there are one too many times that you aren’t given the chance to express yourself or your opinions. Maybe they aren’t valued? Maybe life is a blur and we don’t get the chance to slow down and reflect?; a motif to contemporary society. Well my passion of writing allows me to do so, that is, slow down once in a while and spit out my experiences, stories, opinions and what not while reflecting without criticism.  This is where you come in my friend, if you’re remotely a gamer, martial artist or just generally someone who enjoy a unique read and/or can relate to what I’ve said above then I hope you’ll enjoy my blog.

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E-mail – anythingandy@gmail.com

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